GRIND rised to one of Europes biggest queer fetish events with several dance floors for techno, circuit, house & urban sounds! Meet you on the dance floor, in our play-, smoking-, vip- or chillout area or go shopping at our fetish popup-store.

We created our monthly GRIND party to fill a special niche in the Frankfurt events scene for people all over Europe. GRIND is the stylish, dusky and industrial event that you need; placed within an intimate and alluring space in Frankfurt.
Our DNA is a big part fetish, lots of sexy and a generous dash of good times among queer, welcoming friends. For this reason GRIND continues, and we aren’t going anywhere.
Don’t miss – be a part of it!
Countdown till XXL Wonderland:

Facts about GRIND

Our Facts and Rules


GRIND is sexy af. Our dresscode is kinky, clubby and naughty. To get into the club, please follow our dresscode: wear a sexy sporty outfit, leather, harness, latex, topless… Be a part of it, all genders are welcome! Bring a gym bag, if you would like to change your outfit.

Change & Safety

In case you want to change your Outfit: Please bring a sportbag or a backpack and change before you hit our jacket drop off point, to make sure the procedure for all our guests will be as fast as possible. Please be kind to everyone, GRIND is open minded, everyone…


Taking pictures is not allowed at any kind of GRIND Event, expect on our open air festivals. Please follow this rule for the privacy of our fetish guests. Merci <3

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The early bird tickets are always strictly limited, what means, they can’t be sold out, before the actually presale date ends. In this case the next ticket step will be automatically activated 2 Days later.

Don’t forget your outfit: GRIND is sexy, extraordinary, fetish, stylish, everything but standard.
*Please make sure you check-in in time.

XXL Wonderland 25.05.

Early Bird - one
  • Presale start 15.02.22
  • SOLD OUT after 30 mins.
  • Use the Presale entry.
  • Check-In till 23:30h.*

XXL Wonderland 25.05.

Early Bird - two
  • Presale start 17.02.22
  • Strictly limited.
  • Use the Presale entry.
  • Check-In till 24:00h.*

XXL Wonderland 25.05.

Regular Ticket
  • Presale start 02.03.22
  • Limited capacity.
  • Use the Presale entry.
  • Check-In till 01:00h.*

XXL Wonderland 25.05.

VIP Ticket
  • Presale start 22.02.22
  • Use the VIP entry.
  • Access to VIP area. DJ booth and the Showstage, own VIP Bar and Service, enough seating options & welcome sekt. get your ticket ticket.

XXL Wonderland 25.05.

2x Ticket & Hotel
  • Presale start 02.03.22
  • Get the full package:
  • two Regular entry Tickets for GRIND inclusiv a double Bedroom at our partner Hotel, close to the Venue. Moxy Frankfurt East, Hanauer Landstraße 162.

Secret Venue 30.04.

Regular Presale & Doorsale
  • Presale start 26.03.22 / 16:00
  • Attantion! This Ticket is Valid for our Off-Venue Speical 30.04.
  • Strictly limited, Karlson Club, Karlstraße 17, Frankfurt. Door price 20€. (This Ticket is not valid for XXL Wonderland!)

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